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Image of two hands about to touch with a cross in the background for the app Imitatio: Follow Christ Daily.

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Image of two hands about to touch with a cross in the background for the app Imitatio: Follow Christ Daily.

Our Mission - Connecting You to God

At Follow Christ Daily, our mission is to help individuals deepen their relationship with God and live out their Christian faith in a meaningful way. We believe that a connection to the divine is essential for a fulfilling life, and our goal is to help our users develop and deepen this connection through an immersive and personalized spiritual practice. Our commitment to providing Christian resources and tools is driven by the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to embark on their journey of faith and follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

A visual representation of our mission to bring people together in love and faith through the example and teachings of Jesus
A beautiful representation of the Holy Spirit's inspiration and guidance in our work.

Our Inspiration - United in Christ

The name “Follow Christ Daily” speaks to our inspiration: the idea that by following in Jesus’ footsteps and imitating His actions, teachings, and example, we can bring the Christian community together as one. We believe that Christians from all denominations can come together and unite by embracing the gifts that Jesus gave us during His earthly ministry. As John 17:21 says, “that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you.” Let us be one in Christ, grow in our relationship with God, and serve as a powerful witness to the world.

Our Values - A Welcoming Community

Our values are rooted in the teachings of Jesus and the principles of the Christian faith. We strive to be a platform that is open and welcoming to people of all denominations, backgrounds, and walks of life. We believe that everyone has the right to deepen their relationship with Jesus and live out their faith to the fullest. We are committed to being an inclusive non-denominational community, where all users can find support, guidance, and resources to help them grow in their faith and love of the Lord.

A symbol of our commitment to values rooted in the message of the cross and the power of the Holy Spirit.
Meet our dedicated team of professionals who are committed to our mission of bringing people closer to God.

Our Team - Service to a Higher Purpose

The Follow Christ Daily team is made up of dedicated and passionate individuals who believe that technology should be used to serve a higher purpose. Our team includes experienced software engineers, app designers, faith leaders, and theologians who have come together with the goal of helping people build a closer relationship with God. We are driven by our belief that technology can be a powerful tool in this pursuit and are committed to developing innovative solutions that will make a difference in people’s lives and support users in their walk with Christ.

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